About Chef David Lisken

I am blessed with a deep understanding of diverse culinary traditions and techniques. With over a decade of experience in the kitchen, I have been privileged to prepare meals in some of the world’s most sacred settings and for esteemed guests like Gordon Ramsey and Malcom Turnbull. I have since become dedicated to creating health foods, plant-based dishes, and meals for yoga retreats. I am dedicated to crafting meals for yoga retreats and conscious food lovers using only the finest ingredients to create unexpected flavors that will leave you speechless.

My Services

Relish in gourmet, health-conscious meals tailored to your needs with our Personal, Private, Retreat, and Holiday Chef services in Byron Bay.

Personal Chef

Enjoy delicious, healthy meals without worrying about grocery shopping, meal planning, cooking or dishes!

Private Chef

I provide extraordinary cuisine and imaginative flair to ensure an unforgettable experience for you and your guests.

Retreat Chef

Hire a chef that understands the importance of creating flavorful healthy dishes that will please all of your guests dietary needs.

Holiday Chef

Indulge in a luxurious gourmet experience by hiring a professional chef for your next Byron Bay getaway for an unforgettable experience!

Client Testimonials

“David is a marvel. I haven’t met a chef yet who can extract such deep flavours from his ingredients. And his plant-based desserts are each a delightful surprise. Delicious and intriguing when you know the ingredients he has used. David is also a completely versatile chef who can create wonderful culinary journeys, whatever the brief, whoever the diners. And the food presentation is next level. He is a food stylist and superstar chef in one. To top it all off, David’s a pleasure to work with. A man who is deeply curious and passionate about his craft which is reflected in the food he prepares with love.”
– Michelle

“Chef David Lisken catered for my fiftieth birthday party recently. My guests and I were thoroughly spoilt with his creative ideas and attention to detail. He prepared a sumptuous vegan spread which was so much more than I had anticipated. David makes such an effort to pick the best produce and create dishes which are outstandingly tasty and healthy. The desserts were decadent. The vegan chocolate mud cake was my favourite…moist and chocolaty and presented so beautifully with rose petals and fruit.
It was the most wonderful way to celebrate!”
– Liesl

“I recently hired David, a plant-based chef, to cater my husband’s birthday party. Despite booking last minute, David went above and beyond in preparing a 10-dish menu and a beautiful cake. He was extremely professional and quick to respond to all my inquiries. David’s level of care and pride in his craft was evident in every detail, from the setup in our open kitchen to the complexity and beauty of the dishes he prepared. Our guests were amazed by the experience of watching him work and the incredible taste of food. I highely recommend David to anyone looking for a talented and professional chef.”
– Leelou